Toxin Free. Scientifically backed. Hand Made in Burlington, Ontario
$10/15 mls
$20/60 mls
$30/210 mls
$30/30 mls
To order any of these products, email Nancy with your order and any special requests at: Payment by drop off cash, check, or e-transfer. Free shipping on orders over $60. Flat rate shipping of $10 in Canada if below.
Special requests include, but are not limited to: Nausea Relief and Quick Calm (anxiety) nasal inhalers, Diffuser science-backed blends for Confidence, Inner Peace, Zen, Focus & Clarity, and child safe Bandit's Blend, Moisturizing Body Oil, Nail Nourish, Baby Bum Butter, Bandit's Blend, Headache Help, Lip Balms (Coconut, Lavender Chocolate, Creamsicle, and Peppermint), Leopard Balm, Deodorant. All custom orders seriously considered!